Hitting the Wall


It’s a well-known and dreaded phenomenon among distance runners. Around mile 20 or 23, time slows down. You can’t seem to make progress, you feel fatigued, and you don’t want to keep going. That, as many runners know, is the wall.

While many of the symptoms are psychological - that feeling that you just can’t go any further - the cause is physiological. Hitting the wall, or “bonking,” takes place after extended exercise, when your body depletes the reserves of glycogen (carbohydrate) stored in the muscles and liver. At that point the body has to switch over to a different fuel source, that of stored fat, and it’s the rocky transition that leaves the runner feeling in the lurch.

Fuel is at the root of hitting the wall, and it can also be part of the solution. Many runners are able to stave off and/or minimize the effects of bonking through strategic nutrition. Specifically, giving your body a steady supply of easily digestible carbohydrates can help keep your reserves up and your spirits high.

Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy juice shots are one way to keep going when the miles rack up. Each shot contains 1½ ounces of organic Hawaiian noni, blended with easily digestible mango, pear, apple, and pineapple juices. We also include fair trade yerba mate and green tea extracts for a clean and sustained energy boost. In addition to simple, whole food carbohydrate sources, our noni juice shots are excellent sources of vitamins B 3, 6, 9, and 12, as well as asperuloside - a natural and potent anti-inflammatory.

Find out for yourself how Hawaiian noni can keep you going to mile 26 and beyond! Try a Noni Energy shot for just $3 (includes shipping).  

Noni Energy Juice Shot
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