How Many Hours of Energy Are In Our Shots?

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"This other shot says it provides X hours of energy. How many hours of energy do Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy Juice Shots give me?"

This is a question we hear often from new Hawaiian Ola drinkers and the answer usually surprises people.

Consider this: you wouldn’t buy five mile gasoline for your car or five hour batteries for a flashlight—right? The reason is, of course, that there are many different kinds of cars and flashlights and not all of them have the same energy needs. Humans are the same; different bodies prefer different kinds and amounts of energy that work best for each individual.

Hawaiian Ola’s Noni Energy Shot contains 150 mg of organic, plant-based caffeine from organic yerba mate and green tea. Each shot also contains a variety of super fruits and daily vitamins which provide a lasting energy that comes from supporting the whole body nutritionally. This unique blend gives drinkers a lift that is sustained and gradual—avoiding the all too common “crash” reported by many energy shot drinkers.

While Hawaiian Ola believes that educating consumers about caffeine is important, many popular alternatives do not disclose things like where their caffeine is sourced and how much caffeine is contained in each bottle. This can sometimes make it difficult to understand how much caffeine drinkers are taking and how to compare the effects to other products. The result is consumers measuring energy by hours rather than quantitative criteria such as caffeine and overall nutrition.

Next time you’re looking for a healthy boost of energy, try considering these things:

  • How much sugar does your energy shot contain?
  • Are there any items on the ingredients list that seem unfamiliar to you?
  • Does the shot contain preservatives?
  • Do any of the ingredients provide lasting nutritional support?  
  • Where does the caffeine come from? A caffeine producing plant or is it synthesized?
  • Where are water and sugar on the ingredients list?

Asking these questions will help you choose an option that supports your whole body, and maybe even the health of the planet too. 

Try our Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy Shots today - just $3 each with free shipping!