Help! I Have A Noni Habit...


Let’s get one thing straight from the start: noni is not actually an addictive food, nor is any other ingredient we use in our Noni Juice Shots. However, noni offers so many benefits, and makes folks feel so amazing, that it can indeed be habit the best way possible.

And so it’s no wonder we frequently hear the inevitable question:

“Where can I get more?”

To be honest, we feel pretty good about noni as a healthy addiction! Noni is a natural anti-inflammatory - much better than over the counter versions. It supports a healthy immune system and is packed with antioxidants, including some found only in noni.

For those who have discovered the wonders of Hawai`i’s secret superfood, and want it on the regular, we’ve got you! You have a few options to feed your healthy habit:

  • Order a full shipper case (48 bottles). Available in Energy or Immunity. We ship anywhere in the US for free! Energy shipper Immunity shipper

  • Sign up for a subscription. This is a great option for our die-hard fans! Sign up for a monthly subscription and you’ll get an automatic shipment of your favorite noni shots every month. You select the type (Energy or Immunity) and quantity and we take care of the rest! Subscription orders save an additional 20% and enjoy that free shipping within the US. More info

So, if you already have a noni habit, we have got you covered! If you still haven’t tried noni yet, why not sample a bottle or two? They are available individually for just $3 each, which includes shipping. Order now