The Rise of the Health Drink

Today, the number one source of calories in the United States is soda; even large-scale producers of bottled water are adding things like sugar and salt to their products. Over the last several decades the market for beverages has grown and matured a great deal—and similarly, the consumers that drive the demand for beverages is maturing as well. The popularity of drink options that contain less (or no) sweetener and real ingredients over ingredient flavoring are on the rise.

Label readers are on the lookout for things like preservatives, dyes, and GMO ingredients. In short, consumers are moving towards health drinks. At Hawaiian Ola we’re committed to giving health conscious consumers who are looking for healthy energy supplements a product that they can trust. In this post we’ll look at three things Hawaiian Ola is doing to stay ahead of the health curve by being certified USDA organic, not selling sugar water, and packaging Hawaiian Ola BPA-free.

Certified organic by the USDA

Being certified organic is important to Hawaiian Ola because the USDA seal of organic authenticity is a way to quickly convey three important things about our products to consumers. In order for a health supplement to be certified as organic by the USDA, products must adhere to three important standards: 1) raw ingredients must be grown from non genetically modified (GMO-Free) plants, 2) crops must be farmed without using any harmful pesticides and, 3) plants used in organic products must be grown without using any synthetic fertilizers.

Enough with the sugar water

Just one or two sugary drinks per day increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by in men 25%—even more, young people who consume extra sugary drinks on a daily basis increase their risk of obesity by 60%. In the US, Less than 1% of all energy drinks are made from organic ingredients and of the few energy products that are organic, most share the same main ingredients: water and sugar. For many consumers (especially avid label readers) who are looking for healthy energy drinks, the options can seem limited. When we created Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy and Noni Immunity we set out to make a genuinely healthy product that we could feel good about sharing with our friends and family. Hawaiian Ola is made from healthy juices like organic noni (our first ingredient), organic mango, passion fruit, acai, and goji juices, just to list a few.

BPA-free for you and for me

BPA is an acronym for an industrial chemical that has been used to make plastics for decades. BPA is commonly found in containers used to store foods, health supplements, and beverages. Research has shown that, in some cases BPA can leak from BPA containers into the food being stored within them. Exposure to BPA can be cause for concern because the possible health effects related BPA exposure could negatively effect: behavior, the prostate gland of fetuses, infants, children, and the brain.

Health supplements like Hawaiian Ola represent a new breed of emerging products that are focused on giving consumers who are looking for healthy supplement options something that fits their modern and informed definition of a health drink. Next time you are out shopping for a health supplement to up your energy levels or boost your immune system, look for health drink options that are organic, packaged BPA free, and made from real ingredients and not sugar water.

Chris Whidden