Boost Your Energy Naturally

Plant-Based Foods That Boost Energy Naturally

These days almost everyone could use a little more energy, and for those of us looking for an energy boost that is natural, finding an option that works and is healthy can be difficult. Less than 1% of all energy drinks are organic and of the few that are, many of their ingredient labels begin with water and sweetener. Hawaiian Ola is a natural energy booster that is caffeinated with organic yerba mate and green tea and is flavored with real ingredients (Hawaiian Ola’s first ingredients are 100% organic fruit juice).

As eating healthy continues to become more popular, we think people are going to continue to look for healthy options like Hawaiian Ola to perk up in place of the high-octane, sugary options that may not be so healthy. In this article we will look at several popular natural energy boosters that (like Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy) can help consumers feel more energy without compromising their health goals.

Banana & Coconut Are Your Friends

The Oil in coconuts mainly consists of a very specific kind of medium chain triglyceride, which is a kind of fat that is turned into energy quickly and efficiently. Eating these types of oils can prevent you from feeling slow and tired throughout course of your day.

Bananas are a great energy food because they contain a variety of sugars (fructose, sucrose, and glucose) and healthy fiber. For a great anytime snack, pair a banana with your favorite nut butter (my favorite is sunflower butter) and the rest is nom. This healthy bite will provide an extra boost of energy that will keep you going between meals.

Stay Strong With Kale & Spinach

Truly a super-food, Kale is high in minerals and vitamins, and can be a great way to boost energy levels while also being daily source for calcium! If you’re a smoothie person, blend with your favorite fruits and vegetables and enjoy spinach raw. If you prefer your kale to be cooked, be sure to cook it thoroughly and consider adding some oil and vinegar. This extra processing will add flavor and help break the kale down so that you get all of kale’s nutritional value (minerals and vitamins) by making it easy to digest and be absorbed in the body.

Did you know that a single cup on spinach contains sixty-five percent of your daily value (DV) for Folate and more than twenty percent of your DV for vitamin B6! Spinach can also be great source for Iron, which is an important mineral for producing energy in the body. If you’re one of the many people who consistently experience a feeling of energy loss in the middle of the day, try having a spinach salad for lunch, it’s a great way to avoid the afternoon energy dip.

Go Nuts With Cashews & Almonds

Ever wonder, why so many trail mix blends include cashews—it’s not an accident. For one, cashews are one of the least fatty nuts available. They’re antioxidant rich (which is great for your heart) and also contain valuable omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Since cashews are loaded with important minerals such as, magnesium, copper, zinc, and iron, they’ll help keep your energy levels up during a variety of physical activities.

This amazing nut has been praised for health benefits such as reducing your risk of heart attack, alkalizing the body and promoting healthy brain function. Almonds contain high amounts of riboflavin, copper, manganese and protein. Minerals such as manganese and copper play an important role in the healthy flow of energy in the body they also play a role in helping bodies neutralize certain cellular toxins.

The next time you’re looking for a healthy boost, go for a healthy option like Noni Energy, or fruits like coconuts and bananas, or greens like kale and spinach, or nuts like almonds or cashews. The energy from these kinds of sources will give you the immediate energy you’re looking for now while supporting your body nutritionally throughout the day.

Chris Whidden