Using Natural Caffeine To Boost Your Energy

For many people, there is no better way to start the day than with a caffeinated drink to provide that extra boost of energy to help overcome that early-morning tiredness.

Usually people tend to view coffee as being a healthier choice than energy drinks because it contains natural caffeine as opposed to synthetic caffeine.

Synthetic caffeine is very highly concentrated and results in a sudden burst of liveliness followed by a crash characterized by feelings of exhaustion and deflation.

Natural caffeine is less concentrated than its synthetic counterpart.

It also contains plant-based nutrients that balance out the effects of the caffeine.

This form of caffeine results in a pleasant boost followed by a slow descent rather than a sudden drop in mood and energy.

Uses for Natural Caffeine

Hawaiian OLA Noni Energy differs from other energy drinks in that it contains the natural caffeine that is found in green tea and organic yerba mate in place of synthetic caffeine.

This makes it the perfect drinks to increase your get up and go.

It can be used for a range of different purposes including helping you to wake up in the morning, working out at the gym and giving you the extra enthusiasm that is required in order to meet a client at work.


Caffeine for Exercise

Caffeine has been proven to increase physical endurance and stamina, meaning that it can help you to keep going for longer when you are exercising.

Research conducted by Professor Robert Motl of the University of Illinois suggests that it can also reduce muscle pain. This makes it good for combating the discomfort that a vigorous gym session can cause.

Experts recommend consuming moderate quantities prior to exercise.

You can add Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy to ten ounces of water to provide yourself with a long lasting period of increased energy and endurance. It will also help you to remain hydrated.

The noni fruit helps to lower inflammation, further reducing post-workout aches and pains.

Its anti-inflammatory properties are so strong that it has been used to treat conditions such asarthritis, which involve joints becoming severely inflamed.

Early Morning Boost

If you have trouble remaining focused during early mornings then caffeine might also be the answer.

Studies indicate that it can aid concentration and improve mental alertness.

It is advisable to consume up to three hundred milligrams immediately prior to the period when you most need to boost your focus.

Each Hawaiian OLA Noni Energy contains one hundred and fifty milligrams of caffeine so you should drink a maximum of two of these drinks in order to up your concentration levels and make sure that you are firing on all cylinders.

Meeting a Work Client

Perhaps you have a meeting scheduled with a work client and need to appear as if you are energized and enthusiastic despite the fact that you feel tired and drained.

Not only can caffeine make you feel more awake and alert but it has also been proven to temporarily increase brainpower, enabling you to remain on the ball.

This can ensure that you are capable of both delivering the correct information to your client and appearing to pay close attention to what he or she is saying.

Again, moderation is the key. Stick to three hundred milligrams or below in order to achieve the optimum results.

Sporting Events

Research cited in the medical journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism suggests that caffeine can improve performance in a range of different sports, including endurance events, racquet sports and contests involving high-intensity, sustained activity that lasts between a minute to an hour.

The optimum dosage to take before taking part in a sporting event is approximately three milligrams per kilogram of body weight.

In addition to raising energy levels, caffeine has also been demonstrated to boost agility and speed and even improve the accuracy with which a tennis player is capable of hitting the ball.

This suggests that it can increase sportsman’s competency as well as their stamina and enthusiasm.


Become More Sociable

Caffeine can also give you more energy in social situations.

It has been proven to increase the amount that people talk whilst at the same time keeping them calm.

Studies demonstrate that it makes you more friendly, reduces aggression and increases tolerance of minor irritations.

Drink a bottle of Hawaiian OLA Noni Energy before meeting friends to ensure that you remain chatty, affable and on top of the conversation.

The Perfect Hangover Cure

Research carried out by Thomas Jefferson University indicates that caffeine is useful as a pick-me-up for people who are suffering from hangovers.

It can get rid of alcohol-related headaches, helping individuals who have drunk in excess to feel better again.

Caffeine’s ability to raise a person’s levels of enthusiasm and liveliness is good for curing the psychological effects of hangovers.

It can stop them from moping around and feeling sorry for themselves.

The next time you need to replenish your zest for life after having one too many beers, why not treat yourself to a drink containing caffeine? It could help you to get back on your feet again and minimize the time that you spend in bed nursing your sore head.

The Key to Lasting Energy

Using natural caffeine to boost your energy levels is far more effective than relying upon conventional energy drinks.

It has less negative side effects and provides more of a natural lift.

The key is not to over do it; consume just enough caffeine to give yourself the boost that you require.

That way, you will experience a lasting period of energy and increased focus followed by a mild dip when you no longer need the same level of stimulation.

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Chris Whidden