Choosing the Right Antioxidant Supplement

If you are one of the many people who have grown hip to the anti-aging benefits of natural antioxidants and are already taking an antioxidant supplement on a regular basis—you can appreciate the value of antioxidant drinks like Hawaiian Ola’s Noni Energy and Noni Immunity. But for those of you who are still curious about subject, this post might be a great way for you to see what all the chatter is about.

We’ll explore why antioxidants are important and we’ll also offer a few tips for choosing an antioxidant supplement that is healthy and will provide you with the natural antioxidants you’re looking for.

So, why are antioxidants important, anyways?

In order to conduct the many vital tasks that healthy bodes must perform throughout the day, cells require a constant supply of oxygen. The downside to our cellular relationship with oxygen is the creation of a harmful byproduct known as Free Radicals. Free Radicals are unstable, damaged molecules that want to attach themselves to more stable healthy ones. Free radicals that attach to stable molecules create, (you guessed it), more free radicals as a result. This chain reaction is called oxidization. When this reaction spirals out of control the effect is cellular damage and damage to the immune system which can make it easier for illness and disease to develop. This is where antioxidants become important. Antioxidants can bind to free radicals and neutralize them thereby reducing their harmful effects on the body. In essence antioxidants act as a blockade that slows down the damaging effects of oxidization.

The human body naturally creates a certain amount of its own endogenous antioxidants by way of the immune system. The trouble, however, is that our lives are filled with a variety of taxing factors such as lack of sleep, stress, and poor nutrition, which makes it hard for the immune system to keep up with the demand for antioxidant production needed to fend off unwanted disease. We know that antioxidants are a key part of protecting the immune system and guarding the body from illness, but in order for them to be effective you have to be getting enough of them. One way to ensure your body is getting the antioxidant support it needs is to supplement your diet with quality, organic, antioxidant rich foods and supplements.


Shop Smart. Know what to look for.

So lets refresh, antioxidants are good for you, they aid in slowing down the aging process and guard your body against illness, but there are many antioxidant supplements like Hawaiian Ola to choose from, which ones are best? Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right antioxidant supplement for you.

What makes some antioxidant supplements more effective than others? One important factor is the quality of ingredients. Among the variety of antioxidant supplements available today, only a few of them contain truly potent antioxidants made from healthy plant based sources. The ones you should avoid contain preservatives, pesticides (common in non-organic sources), gluten, and other additives such as food coloring agents—read product labels carefully and avoid products that contain these elements whenever possible.

In Hawaii, less than 1% of all designated Ag land is used for organic farming. Foods and supplements that are grown organically are farmed without using pesticides, GMO’s, and chemical fertilizers, which can be detrimental to your health. When looking for herbal antioxidant supplements in particular (some can be very potent), look for herbs that have been grown organically. Powerful examples of antioxidant rich herbs include: Indian ginseng, milk thistle, Huang Qi and Mistletoe. Integrating these herbs into your diet can strengthen organ function, reduce your risk of common aliments and boost your immune response.

Be on the lookout for purity. Many companies that produce antioxidant supplements employ a process known as standardized extraction in order to isolate active antioxidant abundant ingredients from herbs and other plants. The trouble is, this process involves the use of some pretty harsh chemicals. The result? The “natural” supplements produced by companies who employ standardized extraction are not exactly what folks are looking for when they’re shopping for natural antioxidants. Avoid exposure to trace amounts of potentially harmful manufacturing chemicals by only taking supplements that are certified organic by the USDA.

Efficacy, Organics, & Purity—Easy.

Hawaiian Ola Noni Energy and Noni Immunity shots are packed with antioxidant rich fruit juice and herbs such as yerba mate. Our ingredients are grown organically so there are no pesticides in Hawaiian Ola and our bottling process ensures that no preservatives, or food-coloring agents ever touch our products. The antioxidants in Hawaiian Ola noni energy and noni immunity come from herbs and a blend of organic fruits like mango, acai and goji. Next time you’re out shopping for the perfect antioxidant supplement, compare labels and remember to look for efficacy organics and purity—if the option you’re considering has them all, give it a try, your body with thank you.

Chris Whidden