Top athletes have discovered what Native Hawaiians have known for centuries: noni, Hawai`i’s own superfood, is the best all natural recovery supplement for runners.


Noni: The Best Supplement for Runners 

Noni has been used in traditional Hawaiian medicine for generations and is still used today. In recent years, laboratory studies have identified the specific elements that make noni a valuable training and recovery tool for endurance athletes:

Anti-inflammatory (asperuloside)  
Hydration and balance (potassium) 
Immune support (Noni PPT, a compound found only in noni) 
Cleansing and detox (damnacanthal)

Ripe noni fruit (also known as  morinda citrifolia , Indian mulberry, or beach mulberry)

Ripe noni fruit (also known as morinda citrifolia, Indian mulberry, or beach mulberry)



How to Drink Noni Juice

Hawaiian Ola noni juice shots harness the anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting powers of noni in a delicious organic juice shot. Our organic noni supplements feature 1 ½ ounces of Hawai`i-grown noni fruit juice, combined with a blend of fruit purees and juices. The shots come in two varieties: 

  • Energy - organic noni and fruit juices, with 150 mg of natural caffeine from yerba mate and green tea. Our Hawaiian energy drink is the perfect pre-workout boost!

  • Immunity - organic noni and fruit juices, with no added sugar. Perfect for post-workout recovery.



What Athletes Are Saying

“Noni shots changed my whole world. Every race begins with a shot at the start line and after 2-3 hours of running I do another. It revives my muscles and wakes my mind back up.”
- Bree Brown, 2x Ironman Champ

“Hawaiian Ola Energy shot is a constant choice for me before my hard morning runs. It helps me sustain my energy and noni fruit helps my muscles to recover quicker.”
- Polina Carlson, Elite trail runner

“I love Hawaiian Ola Noni Juice because it’s a great anti-inflammatory. There’s no side effects—I’m just eating food.”
- Collin Hart, MMA fighter

Try our noni juice shots and see for yourself! Plus, get free shipping when you buy a box of 12 or more.


We're On a Mission

Hawaiian Ola is a company dedicated to supporting Hawai`i's environment & economy by empowering local farmers producing organic, responsibly grown crops. In short, we want to make Hawai`i a better place and to encourage more organic farming on our islands. To accomplish this, we design products around ingredients that are healthy, abundant, and can be grown organically in Hawai`i. We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation.