Hawaiian Ola Kona Tea is brewed from Arabica coffee leaves harvested from the Kona coast of Hawai'i Island - one of the world’s most highly prized coffee growing regions.



Kona Tea is Good for You!

Coffee leaf tea is a more potent source of antioxidants than green tea or brewed coffee. Coffee leaf is also rich in mangiferin, which is being studied for its many potential health benefits.

Kona Tea is certified organic and contain a minimum of 50% Hawai`i-grown ingredients.

  • Lightly sweetened with organic cane juice
  • No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives
  • Vegan

Available in two flavors: Tulsi Berry (a robust and fruity brew with a classic iced tea flavor) and Lemongrass Mint (a refreshing and delicate flavor akin to iced herbal tea). 

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Good for Hawai`i, Too!

Coffee leaf is sustainably harvested during the regular pruning of mature coffee trees. In using coffee leaves for our unique teas, we are able to create additional revenue streams for coffee farmers and support their efforts to produce coffee responsibly in Hawaii.

Kona Tea is coming your way soon - sign up for our email list to get the scoop!



Our Mission

Hawaiian Ola is a company dedicated to supporting Hawai`i's environment & economy by empowering local farmers producing organic, responsibly grown crops. In short, we want to make Hawai`i a better place and to encourage more organic farming on our islands. To accomplish this, we design products around ingredients that are healthy, abundant, and can be grown organically in Hawai`i. We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation.