Hawaii’s Secret Superfood

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Picture it: more than a thousand years ago, Polynesian voyagers set sail across the Pacific Ocean in search of new lands, and arrived in the archipelago we now know as Hawai`i. In these canoes, navigated using traditional wayfinding techniques, voyagers brought the most essential plants for survival. Among those plants was noni, a shrub whose fruit, leaves, and bark were all prized for their medicinal powers.

For centuries since, noni has been used to treat myriad ailments and support overall health and wellness. It’s no wonder: noni is packed with potassium, vitamins B 3, 6, 9, and 12, and antioxidants, including Noni PPT - a compound found only in noni!

Even today, everyone from grandmas to big wave surfers rely on noni as a powerful anti-inflammatory and immune support tool. It truly is Hawai`i's secret superfood. Here are some of our favorite uses for noni:

  • Support and recovery for endurance sports - The anti-inflammatory powers of noni have been well documented in clinical studies, and is what draws so many endurance athletes to our noni juice shots. Distance runners and triathletes often tell us that they are able to eliminate or reduce their usage of over the counter anti-inflammatory medications when they take our noni regularly.

  • Hangover prevention (or recovery) - Dehydration is one of the root causes of the symptoms of a hangover. The naturally occurring potassium in noni helps maintain proper hydration in the body. Additionally, noni’s B vitamins help give you a boost of natural energy just when you need it.

  • Immunity while traveling - Noni has long been recognized for its immune support powers, and recent studies have started to pinpoint exactly how it works. For those on the go, noni is an invaluable tool to keep one’s immune defenses in top form, no matter where you are. Our noni juice shots are the perfect size for travel (they meet airport carry-on requirements) and are just the thing to take while you’re in the air.

Hawaiian Ola noni juice shots are a delicious and convenient way to take advantage of noni’s superpowers. They’re available in Energy (with yerba mate and green tea) and Immunity (no sugar added - just noni and fruit juice) varieties. Shop online and get free shipping anywhere in the US!

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