I Drank Noni Juice For One Month...And This Is What Happened.


Before I officially joined the Hawaiian Ola team, I already thought of myself as a noni fan. I appreciated the fruit as something that has been in use for centuries, grows abundantly in Hawai`i, and has many health benefits. I had taken noni in capsule and juice form as a general good-for-you tonic.

Still, as I began to represent Hawaiian Ola at community events, at our retail partner locations, and even in casual interactions, people would ask me about my personal experience with noni. Based on these conversations, I felt like I needed to do a semi-scientific experiment on myself. What would happen if I took noni every day for one month? Would I feel any different?

So, in the name of research and knowing one’s product, I took one Noni Immunity shot every morning for 30 days. (I drink tons of coffee, so I’m already good on the caffeine front. Noni Immunity shots are caffeine free - a simple blend of noni and fruit juices - which complimented my coffee routine.)

Over the course of the month, I paid attention to my body and discovered the following:

  • I slept more deeply. This sounds kind of crazy, but it’s true: my dreams were richer and more elaborate, and when I woke up in the morning I felt like I was emerging from a deep dive into the ocean. This baffled me, as I had never heard of noni described as a sleep aid. But I did some research and found that B vitamins, which are abundant in our Noni Juice Shots, help regulate tryptophan, the amino acid notorious for post-Thanksgiving naps. It all made sense then!

  • My knees felt great. I’m fairly injury prone, and have one knee that speaks up with a twinge whenever I’m too aggressive with my workouts. While I was taking noni regularly, I didn’t notice the knee pain as much despite more activity than usual in my schedule. Noni has been proven to be a powerful and all-natural anti-inflammatory, so I was reaping the benefits of that for sure.

  • I had a general feeling of “goodness” in my body. This one is a bit more nebulous, but I began to look forward to my noni shots simply because I felt good every time I drank them. Maybe it was all the antioxidants (noni is a rich source of them, including some that are found only in noni), maybe it was the vitamin C, or maybe it was knowing that I was supporting organic agriculture in Hawai`i with every sip.

All in all, it was a great experience! As they always say, your mileage may vary. Still, there are so many benefits of noni juice, and Hawaiian Ola noni juice shots are a convenient and delicious way to reap those benefits.

Give them a try and see for yourself - order a box of 12 and get free shipping anywhere in the US!

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