What Makes Kona Coffee Special?


Kona coffee is some of the most prized coffee in the world, and it’s the leaves from those Kona coffee trees that we use for our antioxidant-rich Kona Tea. You may wonder what makes Kona coffee so good, and how it’s different from other types of coffee.

The Terroir of Kona

“Kona coffee” refers to coffee that has been grown in a specific region on the western coast of Hawai`i Island. This area of roughly 2,200 acres boasts mineral rich volcanic soil, relatively high altitude (average of 1,600 feet above sea level), little wind, and just the right balance of sun, shade, and rain. Together, these factors contribute to the terroir of Kona coffee and its unique flavor.

Kona coffee is also distinguished by the way it’s harvested and processed. The Kona region boasts hundreds of small family coffee farms, many of whom hand harvest and then process and market their coffee under their own label. (Most commercial coffees represent a blend of coffees from multiple farms and sometimes several regions). When you drink Kona coffee, you are able to truly taste the unique flavor of a specific place and time. Additionally, more and more Kona coffee farmers are making the move to become certified organic - yet another differentiator in an already distinctive growing region.

Award Winning Coffee From Hawai`i

Coffee from the Kona region holds its own on a global stage, regularly winning cupping contests and other worldwide recognition. Although flavor and quality varies from farm to farm and from year to year, Kona coffee generally features low acidity with nutty, caramel, and/or chocolate notes.

Why Seek Out 100% Kona?

When you buy Kona coffee, it’s important to seek out brands that state “100% Kona” on the label, versus a 10% Kona blend (which may be just 10% Kona and 90% coffee from other regions or countries). Buying 100% Kona ensures that you are getting nothing but coffee grown in the Kona region, grown by Kona coffee farmers, giving you the true taste of Kona.

The Farms Behind Kona Tea

To make our Kona coffee leaf teas, we source fresh coffee leaves from four certified organic Kona coffee farms. We buy direct from the farms, ensuring that the farmers get the maximum revenue for their efforts. Even better, the coffee leaves are a natural byproduct of the yearly pruning process, so the farmers are able to increase their revenue with little to no additional labor.

We’re proud to be the first (and still only!) company to make a ready to drink tea from Kona coffee leaves. For a list of stores that carry our products, check out our store locator page.