Secrets to Hawaii's Healthier Happy Hour

Get outside, be mindful, and unwind healthfully!

Get outside, be mindful, and unwind healthfully!

We all need to blow off a little steam now and then, especially at the end of a long workday - so it’s no surprise that happy hour is so ingrained into our culture. To many people, happy hour is synonymous with drinks and fried foods at the nearest bar. But in Hawaii, pau hana (happy hour) often takes a healthier turn. We’ve compiled a list of tips, based on ways many island residents unplug at the end of a workday.  

  • Get outside and move. After 8 or more hours behind a desk, exercising in the fresh air does everyone good! Go for a walk, do some yoga in the yard, or hop on that bike. You’ll get a natural boost of energy and work up a well-earned appetite for dinner.   

  • Unwind your mind. Meditation of any kind - whether by watching the sun set, going for a mindful paddle, or following a 10 minute guided meditation (we like the free app Calm for this) can help reduce anxiety and improve your overall sense of wellbeing. It’s a nice way to press “reset” on your day as you transition into the evening.  

  • Upgrade your ingredients. Instead of chicken wings and nachos, go for pupu (snacks) that are less processed and feature just a handful of high-quality ingredients. Try cut fruit, trail mix, or even poke for a nutrient-packed snack that will tide you over until mealtime.

  • Bookend it. If you do find yourself at the bar for happy hour, decide ahead of time how long you want to stay - ideally 60 minutes or less. Then, make a plan for what you’re doing afterwards, and stick to it. Otherwise, it’s a slippery slope to “just one more” round of drinks and an impulse order of french fries!    

  • Mix it up with wellness supporting drinks. There’s nothing wrong with wine, beer, or cider, especially those from our sister company Ola Brew Co., which further our mission to expand organic agriculture in Hawaii. Still, happy hour doesn’t have to include alcohol. Give your body a little extra love with drinks that boost wellness...for instance, our coffee leaf teas have more antioxidants than brewed coffee or green tea. Our sparkling noni beverages, which use organic noni fruit juice, are anti-inflammatory and support the immune system. (They also make delicious cocktail mixers).   

Incorporating any one of these strategies can lift you out of a stressful day, boost your overall health, and get you ready for tomorrow. When you combine two or more of these tips together - well, they can be pretty life exaggeration! Give it a try and tell us what you think. We’d love to hear what you’re up to!

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