Love Is Our Guiding Philosophy

It’s printed on our t-shirts, tagged in our Instagram posts, and is even on postcards we send to customers: Do Everything With Love.

It sounds nice, but what does it mean?

It really comes down to our values. We love the ‘aina, we love our community, we love our customers. And we like to use that as a guiding principle for everything we do. It informs the way we operate our business. It is integral to our company culture. It’s something that we look for in prospective new team members.

At Hawaiian Ola, love is in our DNA.

What we do is expressed by our mission: to support Hawaii’s environment and economy by empowering local farmers producing organic, responsibly grown crops. How we do it, though, is best described as “do everything with love.”

We try to incorporate this mantra in everything we do. If that resonates with you, maybe you'd like to hear more from us! For updates on Hawaiian Ola’s business, mission, and values, sign up for our email newsletter.    

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