Looking Back - and Forward - At Hawaiian Ola

When we started Hawaiian Ola in 2012, we began with a single mission: to support Hawai`i’s environment and economy by empowering local farmers producing organic, responsibly grown crops. In short, we wanted to make Hawai`i a better place through value added products using locally grown ingredients. We then developed product lines featuring Hawai`i's superfoods: noni juice shots, sparkling noni drinks, and Kona coffee leaf teas. 

Most companies measure their success solely by their revenue and profits. However, as a certified B Corporation in Hawai`i, we evaluate our progress through additional means. We look at the impact we have made on our local economy - not just in terms of sales, but in terms of agricultural impact. We also consider how we are supporting our communities and local nonprofit organizations.

To this end, we sifted through the data to come up with some key metrics that would give us a holistic idea of how we are doing. We are using these data points to inform our 2018 plans and goals, and we wanted to share them with you too!

We assembled the numbers into an easy to use infographic, which is shown below.

In 2017, Hawaiian Ola:

  • Supported more than 150 acres of certified organic farmland in Hawai`i
  • Generated $85,000 in revenue for 16 organic Hawai`i farmers
  • Sourced over one and a half tons of organic Hawaiian turmeric (`olena)  
  • Donated more than 17,000 canned drinks and shots to over 50 nonprofits over multiple islands
  • Invested in the farming community by planting more than 8,000 pineapple and lime keiki, to be given to local farmers.   

And, because we believe in the power of good vibes and positive reinforcement, we gave more than 17,000 high fives (give or take) to the countless farmers, retailers, community partners, and customers who made it all possible. We appreciate you and can't wait for more awesome things in 2018!