Not Your Tutu's Noni


When we talk about noni fruit to folks in Hawai`i, it’s sometimes hard for them to hide their true feelings about the superfruit. We get some grimaces, and even a few “yuck”s. Here in the islands, noni (morinda citrifolia) has been used as a natural medicine for centuries...but it’s not exactly known for its pleasant flavor. On its own, noni has a unique aroma and taste that is pungent and assertive, which is why some people are hesitant to try our noni juice shots and sparkling beverages. 

Trust us when we say we’ve made noni more palatable, and even delicious. This is not your tutu’s (grandmother’s) noni. We carefully formulated our noni supplements and natural energy drinks from noni fruit juice to maximize the health benefits of the superfood, and appeal to the contemporary flavor palate. To do that, we blend organic Hawaii noni juice with organic fruit juices and purees, honey from Big Island Bees, and botanicals from Moloa`a Organica`a on Kauai. The result is both delicious and a true taste of Hawaii-grown ingredients.

We’ve made it so you can please your palate and still benefit from the many health-giving compounds in noni:

  • Noni-PPT - supports a healthy immune response
  • Asperuloside - an anti-inflammatory
  • Potassium - for hydration and balance
  • Damnacanthal - for cleansing and detox
  • As well as many others

So if you have tried noni before and you think it’s not for you, give our juice shots and sparkling beverages a try. You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised!

Buy our noni products online (juice shots only) and in over 400 retail locations, including Safeway, Down to Earth, Foodland, Times, 7-Eleven, and Whole Foods Market.