Why Immunity?


Hawaiian Ola’s mission is to support Hawaii’s environment and economy by empowering local farmers producing organic, responsibly grown crops. We do this by creating products that use functional, organic, fair trade ingredients. In this post we are going to highlight our Immunity shot to discuss how and why they came to be. But, before we discuss how Hawaiian Ola came across Noni, let’s take a brief look at Hawaii’s history with this amazing plant. 

It is believed that the first Polynesians to discover Hawaii set out on their voyage sometime between 400 and 500 AD. Preparing for the unknown, the Polynesian navigators traveled nearly 2000 miles by canoe in order to find the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Limited on what they could bring on their journey, they selected their resources mindfully. With them, they had about 27 or so plants, and the Noni tree was one that they could not live without.  

Centuries later, when the Hawaiian Ola team came across this history and started to understand its benefits, Noni became our inspiration in creating products that benefit Hawaii’s agriculture, economy and the health of our consumers. As we came to understand Noni’s functional benefits, we knew it was the perfect ingredient to bring to market. Not only does the Noni tree grow very well on marginal land, the tree also bears fruit year round and was known as one of the main healers among the traditional Hawaii medicinal plants. Noni improves the immune system, is anti-inflammatory, hydrates the body, helps with balance, is a cleansing agent, and also helps detox the body. 



To make our Noni Immunity shot, we pair Noni with Mango, Pear, Apple, Date Puree, Lilikoi, Pineapple, Goji, Acai, and Reverse Osmosis Water. While the Immunity shots are caffeine free, they do give you a nice boost of energy simply from the fruit juice and vitamin B. Not only are they caffeine free but they are also sugar free, sweetened only by date puree and other fruit juices. In addition to the fruit juices, we also add B vitamins to our Immunity shot to produce an extra natural boost: Vitamin B3, B6 to help regulate amino acids, help produce serotonin, melatonin and norepinephrine, B9 which is a major component to sleep health regulating mood, and B12 which promotes a healthy blood flow. The purpose of our Immunity shot is to supplement your body with the superfruits it needs to live well. It provides a great immune boost and is perfect for post workout recovery due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties and ability to increase your blood flow. 




At Hawaiian Ola, we source locally grown, non GMO, pesticide free, organic certified ingredients from farmers who put in the extra work. These farmers take the extra steps to deliver the best ingredients in the most responsible ways. We are passionate about collaborating with organic certified farmers to bring the most beneficial ingredients to you for a happy and healthy life.  

Grab a shot and enjoy Immunity! 

Sam Bennett