Dr. Oz on Noni

Anti-Aging secrets of the Noni Fruit. Dr Oz says “one of the goals of the show is to put things that seem exotic or unique on the map”. In this episode, Oz teams up with Chris Kulham a “medicine hunter”, who searches the globe and foreign cultures identifying traditional remedies. Chris believes nature provides a natural cure for everything. When he was little he became so sick that his family thought he was going to die. His grandmother began giving him fresh juice made from the Noni plant and he believes it brought him back to good health.

As a traditional Polynesian remedy, “Noni’s health properties can help us on the inside and out” says Dr. Oz – and through the fruit’s potent anti aging properties that can help you look younger and live longer too. Mr. Kulham says the Noni Berry lowers inflammation, is really good for your immune system and can also be good for skin ailments which could be a natural effect of the plants powerful phytochemicals, including alkaloids, polysaccharides, flavonoids, fatty acids, and catechin just to list a few.

After extensive research both Chris and Dr Oz agree that many over zealous claims have been reported about Noni on the internet and other sources. Chris says that contrary to these claims Noni is not a cure for diabetes or cancer; however Noni is very good for you and has measurable benefits for your heart, pancreas, and joints through its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and blood-sugar stabilizing compounds.

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Chris Whidden