Hawaiian Ola’s bottler runs their first organic beverage!

Marking the first EVER organic product to roll off of their production lines, Hawaiian Ola’s co-packer bottles our first run of Hawaiian Ola tomorrow!

Six months ago, when we first heard of our bottling partners, we knew they’d be a great fit; the management and staff were knowledgeable, experienced and friendly; the facilities were top notch; and best of all they were fans of Noni!! The only problem was that the facility wasn’t certified organic. So we did the only thing that made sense, and funded the organic certification.

Over the summer our friends at the plant have worked hard to integrate a long list of new processes and procedures needed to adapt the facilities to a new organic life. A core part of our mission at Hawaiian Ola is to do everything we can to expand the demand and availability of healthy organic goods. Our hope with their certification is that we’ve opened up another avenue for organic products like Hawaiian Ola to make their way into peoples daily lives. Today, the plant will undergo an organic makeover meaning; their facility and equipment will be cleaned of all things un-organic prior to beginning the first phase of bottling (batching) which starts tonight at around 7pm. Throughout the entire process, Hawaiian Ola will be onsite to report on each step with photos and updates so stay tuned for more!

Chris Whidden