Five Reasons To Love Beets

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Beets are an ancient food whose roots in our diet can be traced deep into human history. In this post, we talk about how beets can complement a healthy lifestyle with five reasons to love beets.

Originally wild beets were mostly harvested for their basic nutrition and earthy flavor. Later, beets in Europe became an important source of sugar for the growing Roman Empire, where the iconic red beets, that most of us are familiar with today, were cultivated for the first time. Now, beets can be found in kitchens and gardens throughout the world and are more popular than ever.

More Stamina
Recent research shows that athletes who include beets and beet-juice into their diets can see a measurable boost (more than 16%) in stamina. The effect, which takes effect just a few hours after consuming beets, is likely related to nitrates being converted into nitric oxide.

Essential Nutrition
Whether you prefer the bright yellow-orange or deep magenta variety eating beets is a great way to get a wide variety of nutritional benefits. Beets are rich in potassium (for healthy nerve and muscle function) and manganese, which is important for healthy kidneys, bones, and liver.

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Healthy Greens
Believe it or not, beets are actually in the same plant family as spinach. For those who’ve grown beets and spinach in a garden together you’ve perhaps noticed the uncanny similarities. Beet greens offer similar nutritional benefits as spinach—so eat your beet greens!

Many noni drinkers, especially those concerned with inflammation, are always on the lookout for new additions to a healthy anti-inflammatory diet. Beets contain a variety of anti-inflammatory constituents such as betanine, which helps protect cells against damage and stress.

Detox Support
Betalins, the compounds responsible for beets vibrant pigments, have also been shown to remove certain toxins from the body. The process works when betalins bond to certain compounds, neutralizing their toxic effects, and allow the digestive system to remove them from the body.


At Hawaiian Ola, we love beets. Our Sparkling Noni Beet Punch is made with the best quality organic ingredients. For the right balance of taste and health benefits we make our drinks with beet powder (ground whole beets) as well as beet juice crystals (evaporated beet juice). The result is a flavor that people love packed with the nutritional benefits of organic beets.

A tip for people purchasing quality beets: most of the worlds beets today are GM (genetically modified) and grown conventionally. This means that they have likely been exposed to potentially harmful pesticides and herbicides. To be sure you’re getting the healthiest beets, source organically and from growers you trust.

Chris Whidden