Native Hawaiians have used noni, a tropical tree fruit, for over a thousand years to treat a wide variety of ailments and to support overall health. Now, athletes, yoginis, and everyday folks have discovered noni as an all natural way to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and support overall wellness. It truly is the Hawaiian superfood!


What Is Noni Fruit Juice?

Noni (also known as morinda citrifolia, Indian mulberry, or beach mulberry) has been used in traditional Hawaiian medicine for generations. The benefits of noni juice are many, and include:

  • Damnacanthal for cleansing and detox; 
  • Asperuloside, making noni an all natural anti-inflammatory; 
  • Potassium to support hydration and balance, 
  • Noni PPT, a unique compound only found in noni that has been shown to support a healthy immune system.


How Our Noni Is Different

Despite its nickname of “cheese fruit,” we’ve found a way to make noni as delicious as it is good for you! We carefully blend our organic noni juice with all natural, certified organic ingredients - most of which are sourced directly from Hawai`i farmers. The result is tasty, refreshing, and a powerhouse of health benefits.

Try our noni juice shots and see for yourself! Plus, get free shipping when you buy a box of 12 or more.



We're On A Mission


Hawaiian Ola is a company dedicated to supporting Hawai`i's environment & economy by empowering local farmers producing organic, responsibly grown crops. In short, we want to make Hawai`i a better place and to encourage more organic farming on our islands. To accomplish this, we design products around ingredients that are healthy, abundant, and can be grown organically in Hawai`i. We are proud to be a Certified B Corporation.