The Hawaiian Ola Idea

The Hawaiian OLA Mission

The Hawaiian Ola idea is to help reclaim a GMO-free Hawaii by making healthy products that support Hawaiian farmers producing organic, responsibly grown foods, like noni fruit!

Hawaiian Ola’s Founder, Brett Jacobson

Discovering the Noni fruit was a life changing experience. The health benefits I heard of were amazing and immediately wanted Noni juice to become part of my daily routine. While spending some time in Hawaii I found that this Noni was growing wild all over the Island! I was instantly mesmerized by the raw fruits beauty, while at the same time thrown back by its pungent odor.

After finding that a super fruit grows wild in my backyard, I started to ask around about it. The immediate feedback I got about the Noni fruit was diverse depending on who I spoke with. The Indigenous Hawaiians told of its healing properties and health benefits, helping with everything from twisted ankles, to diabetes and breast cancer. From that point I was intrigued to dig very deep into the research. To my astonishment I found Network Marketing Juice companies in the USA that were accounting for sales in the billions each year. The majority of Noni sales were through companies which enforce policy to push your business plan on family and friends. This idea instantly turned me away, and question their ethics. Where were they sourcing their Noni and of what quality? Turns out the healthy Noni juices these companies were claiming to provide wasn’t organic, along with having no regulation on quality. And what about the ethical treatment of the farmers themselves?

I saw an opportunity to do something good not only for my local community but great for the health conscious consumer as well. Here was a chance to get farmer direct Noni with no strings attached. The idea was to expand the agriculture of such an amazing fruit by creating a demand on the retail side before pushing the idea onto farmers.  Since I am a farmer and involved in the farmer’s community I wanted to keep the benefits of this idea simple and to the point. Expand the demand for Noni farming by creating a retail Noni product available to the general public at an affordable price. In order to do this we needed to source as many ingredients as we could from Hawaii. Our 100% Juice blends are packed with flavors from fruits which have grown wild in Hawaii for centuries.

At first scent I knew this fruit was powerful and combined with its medicinal uses and history I felt like it was definitely time for Noni to become a household name. Back on the mainland I started sharing my experience and the health benefits of Noni with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Determined to bring these Noni products to market, and after countless hours of hard work, we knew the timing was right. Our products are made with Organic, 100% Juice and are Fair Trade Certified.

- OLA Founder, Brett Jacobson