Hawaiian OLA Noni Shots


Noni Immunity Bottle
Noni Immunity Caffeine Free and No Sugar added
Noni Energy Bottle
Noni Energy With Yerba Maté and Green Tea

Gluten Free
Certified Vegan
GMO Free
BPA Free
Certified Fair Trade
USDA Certified Organic

150MG Caffeine
Yerba Maté & Green Tea
A Full Serving of Hawaiian Noni
Daily vitamins
No Added Sugars
A Full Serving of Hawaiian Noni

Hawaiian Noni
Used in traditional Hawaiian medicine for over a thousand years, Noni has been found to contain many compounds beneficial to health & well-being.

Noni Energy Supplement Facts and Ingredients
Noni Immunity Supplement Facts and Ingredients

Noni-PPT + Healthy Immune System
Potassium + Hydration & Balance
Asperuloside + Anti-Inflamitory
Damnacathanthal + Cleansing & Detox

Ola at the Gym: Add Ola to 10oz of water for a lasting boost that will keep you cool and hydrated during workouts.
Ola in a Smoothie: Start your morning with a healthy boost! Get your daily serving of Noni by adding Ola to a smoothie.